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Which leads us to wonder: what will a solo Harry show entail? “Harry and Niall are tight, so performing together is not out of the question," the insider said.

"Harry’s upcoming tour is going to be full of surprises, including the songs he performs and the guests he invites on stage.

The mystery girl Niall Horan has taken out on numerous dates is a mystery no more!

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At the moment Niall is said to be completely oblivious towards Gemma's feelings. The news is a welcome distraction from One Direction's recent problems, after Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were seemingly caught on camera smoking marijuana in Peru.Harry and his brothers couldn't keep their eyes off him. He meets Liam, Niall, and is reunited with Zayn's older brother, Louis, whom he knew in high school to be a geek, but he is definitely no geek now. The only problem was he was their best mate Niall's brother and he was dating thier best mate Liam's cousin. Harry wasn’t wrong about that, not in a general sense. He looked up then, his eyes lighting up when he saw his mother. He could have anyone he desired But yet, he chose the most broken, feared and, vicious Alpha to call his. OR: Harry is basically Rachel, Louis is basically Ross, Liam is basically Chandler, Niall is basically Joey, and Zayn is basically Monica. If Niall does join him, it won’t necessarily be a One Direction song.Harry wants to perform new material or cover old hits from singers and bands that have inspired him like David Bowie and The Eagles.” Look, this is all just speculation at this point, so we're not gonna get too excited.There’s a suggestion of a smile, maybe, in the shadow of the boy’s face, and great, Harry thinks.

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