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You will have to register and establish an account with them to order services.7050 Lindell Road Las Vegas, NV 89118 Phone: 800-475-2098 Fax: 866-FAX-1GES (866-329-1437) International Phone: 702-515-5970 / Fax: 702-263-1520 Online Chat: com/chat On Peak is the official housing service for AUA, and can help you with all of your housing needs.All fees are subject to change by the College Board of Trustees.Fall 2017 - Summer 2018 tuition rates are pending State of Ohio Fiscal Year 18-19 Budget approval.

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How is AFS contacting customers about the Pull Ahead Program?**No withdrawals will be accepted after this date for courses that are part of this session.Print the 2017 Spring Withdraw/Refund Schedule If you paid the tuition in full and have no other outstanding balance, your payment minus the % you are responsible for will be refunded to you.As the General Services Contractor, GES provides such services as: GES is involved in almost every aspect of our show; because of this level of involvement they are an excellent resource to help you, the exhibitor, plan the best show possible and save money.GES services can be ordered online via the GES Expresso System in the Exhibitor Services Manual, beginning in December 2016.Financial Aid students should contact their campus Student Financial Aid Office to determine how a withdraw will affect their aid eligibility.

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