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Those heading inland will find monumental mountains, an abundant archaeological heritage, spirited social history and some spine-tingling scenery.Those looking for a Greek beach holiday will also find plenty to choose from with luxury hotels a firm favourite.

The photograph is a film publicity portrait of an unidentifiable actress taken during the 1940s or 1950s.

But whichever part of Crete you choose for a holiday there is sure to be a good range of quality Crete hotels to choose from as this is one of the most popular of the Greek holiday islands.

The long summers and the warm, mild winters ensure that Crete holidays attract visitors throughout the year.

Stezaker has positioned it so that the inverted building appears framed within the actress’s face: the edge of the building matches the actress’s hairline at the right side of her face and a tree trunk and branches continuing the line of her face’s left side.

Dark areas of foliage either side of the building align with her dark hair.

Our ecards have the following features: Address Book, Text and Background colors, Font Selections, future send date selection, abiliity to send to multiple recipients, some ecards feature musical selections, poetry and more.

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