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If eating isn’t allowed in Main Stacks, imagine what the walkie talkie food police would say to … Would they try to break up the party or run in the other direction? Think those moving shelves are only being used to hold books? Clearly you aren’t thinking as innovatively as other Berkeley students. You might want to get a sanitary wipe before you plan on using ones in this library any time soon. ” column, yes — having sex on campus is actually very doable, and it’s lots of fun. That particular column brought up concerns about not getting to “finish” when doing it in a public place.Maybe I’m just not ambitious enough to have goal-oriented sex, but sex isn’t always about cumming and having orgasms. Having expectations and goals can ruin the fun of it.We could cite by name works published in our country by Catholic authors which are frankly to be condemned from this aspect.

So at around p.m., I called up my partner, and as two mischievous UC Berkeley students would, we set out on a nice little sex tour through campus.

From left - White pictured with Teagan Presley and Phoenix Marie at the media launch of Sexpo 2013 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibiton Centre in Darling Harbour.

Sex in Contemporary Literature - Modern 'Classics' and Condemned Works In this article, Fr.

In his Lenten Letter of 1946, Cardinal van Roey, the Primate of Belgium, observed: In every country large sections of the press, literature, theater, and cinema are open or camouflaged propagators of anti-Christian modes of thinking, acting, and living.

Current novels, which everyone is anxious to read, too often even those written by well-known Catholics, offer sacrifice to the world.

I’ve always had the cliched fantasy of having sex in Main Stacks, so we wasted no time in heading there first.

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