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The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself in 1971. Here are 12 famous Internet firsts that were monumental in shaping web history.1. Most likely the first message was QWERTYIOP or something similar," he said." data-reactid="12"When was the first email sent, and who sent it? How about the first picture uploaded to the Internet? The first AOL Instant Message was sent by Ted Leonsis to his wife on Jan.

Or if you have a special interest - set up your own private chat room. Personals Internet dating service is for singles who want to add romance to their lives. Personals site, meet local singles, and start having the kind of first dates that lead to second dates and beyond.

Look at the personal photos and video profiles from good looking singles in your local area who you can contact via live video chat on our website to make your first step towards romance. Meet singles in your area for chat, instant messaging and text messages.

Whether you're focused on your career, haven't found the right person or are simply exploring relationship options tailor-made for the digital age, online dating can be a great step toward improving your love life.

But where are other eligible bachelors and bachelorettes looking for romance? S.-based Internet users searched for on Yahoo within the past 30 days.

Though the numbers don't necessarily reflect actual users, they're good indications of each specific site's popularity.

Ok Cupid tops the list, which is pretty unsurprising considering the site has become nearly synonymous with online dating.

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