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Hands in Harmony is excited to announce we are in the running for the Fed Ex Small Business Grant. With the winnings we plan on expanding our space and adding more healing treatments to our menu of services.

Hands In Harmony was started by Wahneta Dimmer in 2006 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A person who persists in a conjugal relationship outside of marriage, in any situation but including remarriage after divorce without a declaration of nullity, should not present themselves for sacramental communion but instead should seek a spiritual communion, praying for God to dwell more fully in his or her heart. A) Yes, once a Decree of Nullity (annulment) has been issued by the Diocesan Tribunal.

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COLAGE offers a diverse array of programs to engage, connect and empower children, youth, and their parents through various social activities and education.Iowa marriage records are managed by the Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Health Statistics.Marriage records dating from July 1, 1880 to present are included.I’m optimistic about the future of agriculture, and I plan to utilize my skills and abilities to serve as a spokesperson for the industry, highlighting recent developments and advancements farmers have made to get us where we are today.Agriculture is a lifestyle for me, and I believe the future of the industry is bright.Our therapists pride themselves in staying on the cutting edge of new therapies while maintaining respect for ancient traditions and the intrinsic energies that flow thru us all.

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