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Fisher’s version is has a strong heterosexual undertone.

It’s worth questioning whether love a two-party affair is more a social construct than an inevitability.

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He is revealed to be Heidi Costello's (Kim Tiddy) father and a grandfather of Riley Costello (Rob Norbury), Seth Costello (Miles Higson) and Jason Costello (Victoria Atkin), and a father-in-law of Carl Costello (Paul Opacic).

Silas is a serial killer who is described as sinister, scary and complex.

Well, worse than Muzak, because it’s not hard to tune Muzak out, but the touting of romance keys into deep-seated emotional and physical needs, making it more challenging to ignore this type of hucksterism.Most people rekindled friendships with people from high school over Facebook or Twitter.Most people met for coffee, shared pictures of their bratty children, and sent old friends Christmas letters once a year.I know a couple in Sydney who had been together 11 years and clearly were deeply attached to each other.They were also pretty experimental sexually (Australians are much less uptight about these matters than Americans, so it was not hard to connect the dots).Rawle was approached by Hollyoaks and met with series producer, Paul Marquess, who explained the role of Silas and his storyline.

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