Is jason wahler dating


reality TV series The Girls Next Door about life at the mansion.Shannon told TMZ that the tape does in fact exist but is not convinced that Pratt actually has a copy of it.And it all began when rivals Tessa and Kyndra clashed at Kyndra's barbeque.Tessa and her best friend Rocky went everywhere together, so when Tessa's ex-friend Kyndra inadvertently invited her over, Tessa assumed Rocky was invited too. Kyndra hated Rocky and spent the entire day making fun of the duo with her sidekicks Lexie and Cami, who was dubbed "the queen of mean." When Tessa and Rocky finally got fed up and left, Kyndra found herself in the hot tub with Cameron.' Montag had a similar message on her Twitter page: This is now the third tape that has allegedly surfaced, with the first two involving Pratt, with one showing Montag before her extensive plastic surgery and another after.Montag, 23, underwent 10 procedures in just one day in her quest for 'perfection' last November.

Mariah and Nick have been seen out with their kids a lot lately and observers jumped to conclusions.

Pratt was seen this weekend entering the Malibu home the couple shared to remove some of his belongings and apparently stumbled across an X-rated video of Montag and Shannon, reports TMZ.

Shannon and her twin sister Kristina, moved into the Playboy mansion with Hugh Heffner in 2008, but left at the beginning of this year, although they continue to appear in the E!

But Cameron was supposedly going out with Jessica, who had her heart broken by Jason during season 2 of Laguna Beach.

It looked like Jessica was about to be crushed again.

When the original kids grew up and moved on, a whole new generation of gorgeous teens was ready to fill their void and brought the drama during season 3 of Laguna Beach.

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