Assertive or accommodating


We all have used one of them at some point, but we may have a tendency to use one style more so than the rest.

The course is designed to help you explore and understand issues around assertiveness.

Authoritative parents: People with authoritative parenting styles want their children to utilize reasoning and work independently, but they also have high expectations for their children.

When children break the rules, they are disciplined in a fair and consistent manner. If there are extenuating circumstances, they will allow the child to explain what happened and adjust their response accordingly.

Speak of impact...""Thank you very much for a wonderful course.

2013 Spring EDUCate Conference On April 9th the Learning Alliances team attended the Mc Lean County Chamber, Spring 2013 EDUCate conference.

You also have people who deal with conflict in one way, and a few others who deal with it in a way that is quite opposite.

Within any one office environment, you have people who deal with conflict well and some people who deal with conflict not so well.For example, if you have a seizure disorder, you want people around you to know what to do should you have a seizure in their presence.When sharing disability information, be prepared to briefly inform and educate people.The Access Point provides coordinated access to a number of services within a large network of Toronto service providers through one application and intake assessment process.Disability information is considered personal, medical information.One of the main parenting styles identified by Baumrind is known as the authoritative parenting style.

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