Updating clause used to know


So the refactoring may interfere with Oracle's ability to guarantee key-preservation. Using the simple example you've posted this doesn't even require a WITH clause: Hi, thanks a lot for your effort, already managed to get it to run.

Two of my students, who work for a very large government contractor, told me that the contracting officers (COs) who administer their contracts unilaterally update contract clauses from time to time when they add funds to the contract or when they exercise options. Some of them think that the government may do so unilaterally.

Here's a simplified example that indicates what i want to do: The real thing has quite a few with clauses that all reference each other, so any suggestions actually using the with clause would be highly preferred over refactoring it to nested subqueries.

Thanks in advance, Gert-Jan @gjvdkamp it works just like Sanjay Nambiar said: the update works on selected rows, but all other rows that are out of "where" are set to null.

The executable part of a trigger can contain procedural statements and SQL data manipulation statements.

Triggers are created using the SQL A trigger can be a stored PL/SQL or C procedure associated with a table, view, schema, or the database itself.

Nothing in FAR and no standard FAR clause authorizes a CO to unilaterally update, add, or delete clauses in a contract after award.

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