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PREVIOUSLY: Review: ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9 Episode 6, ‘The Woman Who Lived,’ Gets Legendary In this show no one stays dead for long, so even if Osgood’s untimely demise at the hands of Missy was heartbreaking at the time, we had a sneaky feeling she’d be back.She’s the kind of character who is so blatantly fan service-y that it can be deeply annoying, but if Osgood is a little grating when playing against the Doctor, bantering with herself she’s an adorkable delight. She may be on the side of humanity — well, probably — but that doesn’t mean that she and the Doctor always see eye to eye.

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It feels like an episode in its own right, or at least a spin-off buddy movie — think “Supernatural” with better hair products. (And occasionally make out.) Of course, if the last phone call to Zygon! Jo’s saved the Doctor’s life several times now, and yet he still talks to her like she’s shit on his shoe. Did she just hand him something written in Braille? Well, that was Sue: It’s difficult to argue with someone while you’re lying on the floor, but Jon Pertwee is doing a pretty good job of it here. Sue: Does Jon Pertwee ever mellow out, like William Hartnell did? I knew something was up, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Sue: Can we watch the Special Edition version, please? ”Ignoring the old UNIT dating controversy [where stories made in the 1970s were set in the near future], I think it’s fair to say that in the 70s they could easily have detected something that size via standard military radar sweeps once it was in the atmosphere over the British Isles or nearby parts of Europe and the Atlantic – but at a typical re-entry speed that would probably give you a few minutes or tens of minutes warning at most.Modern radar routinely allows us to track debris in Earth orbit down to sizes of a few centimetres across and if we know where to look we can track asteroids just a few meters across at distances of hundreds of thousands of km (which would give you days of lead-in time).A quick stopover in Paris instead of Seville or New Orleans and they'd at least have some croûtons to go with it.

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