Valid reason for backdating jsa


However charming you are, your advisor is still bound by law to sanction you if they think you’ve not kept your side of the job-seeking bargain.If you leave a job voluntarily, get sacked for misconduct or refuse to take part in the Mandatory Work Activity Scheme, you’ll get sanctioned for 13 weeks for a first offence.We can sometimes backdate the start of your Housing Benefit for up to one month before the date you claimed. We can sometimes backdate the start of your Council Tax Support for up to six months before the date you claimed.In all cases you must have good reason for not claiming sooner, throughout the period that you are requesting backdating for.The most common reason young people are sanctioned by the Jobcentre is being late or not turning up for meetings.You could also be sanctioned for: You should be informed that you’re being sanctioned – so if your money hasn’t turned up and you don’t know why, call your local Jobcentre immediately.You can upload your cv to a cv library and apply online for jobs, keep searching and something will come along, keep that in mind when youre going bk to work everyday because at the end of the day it's a wage and right now, there is nothing stopping you from applying for other jobs, handing in CV's - just think it's a step forward to getting out of it, you won't need to stick at it much longer right?It should if you voluntarily make yourself unemployed.:evil: I may be wrong here, but I thought the time that you are ineligible for JSA after leaving your job voluntarily was 6 weeks, not 6 months.

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(You should tell the Jobcentre as soon as possible if this happens.) It’s worth having your Jobcentre’s number stored on your phone for this very reason.

There's nothing wrong with the staff/people there I just hate the job itself.

I will be actively looking for a new job because I'd find being on JSA embarrassing..

I know from experience that when I quit my job I claimed JSA succesfully untill I found work again.

Generally, if you got sacked they hold that it's your own fault you left.

A second offence carries a 26-week sanction; a further one within a year means you’ll be sanctioned for three years.

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