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Tae-San agrees to take the fall and goes to prison, but first he takes In-Hye to an abortion clinic. Now, Tae-San is still a gang member and works under Moon Il-Seok, but he's looked down upon by the other guys. One day, Tae-San is about to hit another guy there, but stops when he sees a woman through the window. Tae-San also realizes that when he took In-Hye to the abortion clinic 8 years ago, she did not go through with the abortion and that Soo-Jin is his daughter. is it because its about father-daughter story and not about romance or because its an action drama ? Plot wise it's pretty much the same fugitive story but what touches you most is the little girl and that mature brain of hers. Do watch, you won't regret~ Lee joon ki really put his heart and soul in this one. Well writing,directing,acting from beginning to the end. I really love and always sad every time Appa and daughter moment. In-Hye lets Tae-San know that she has no interest in restarting a relationship with him and that her fiancé Seung-Woo (Ryu Soo-Young) is a detective. i hv a habit on skipping a lot of parts in all dramas ive watched but two weeks storyline is so good i didnt even felt like skipping any parts since i dont wanna miss anything. even city hunter or iris or even BOF cant make me keep watching till the end. It was a very good drama, It was like a movie, you don't want to missed every single scene, no dull moments, actions, drama. The love of Tae San to his daughter touched our hearts. And how Jang Tae San grows from a worthless man to a hero in 14 days.

At the time, Tae-San was a member of a crime gang and worked for crime boss Moon Il-Seok (Jo Min-Gi). he deserves the Happy end : D While not perfect, this was a really well-made drama. I even liked the ending, which is rare for me in Korean dramas. This drama was successful in balancing out the villain's success vs the protagonist's. Love love love this drama,job to the 2 directors & of course all the cast too. The two detectives solve cases related to the lost & found center.One of my favorite Korean dramas of all time, yet its so underrated and not many people have seen it.After going to the hospital for the blood test, Tae-San learns that his bone-marrow is a match and he can go ahead with the transplant operation in 2 weeks. i never bother giving ratings but i give 100% for this one. at the first i thought i won't like this drama because it's more about killers and polices !! His agonies just to survive, just to live for his daughters' surgery, so touching. What a great show with great performance from the whole cast - I'm on episode 11... But, Tae-San goes to see someone and when he wakes up he is arrested by two detectives for her murder. but when i watched it , i can say this drama was really amazing!! i was forgeting that i am watching a movie , it was like a real life !!! He endures all just to save himself for his daughter sake. I adore you, the directors, the story, the twists, the actors congrats, job well done. the rating doesn't do justice to how great this show is. One day, Moon Il-Seok ordered Tae-San to take the wrap for a murder charge that Moon Il-Seok committed. Tae-Sun is confused by her request, but learns that she has an 8-year-old daughter named Soo-Jin (Lee Chae-Mi). Love also the chemistry of Lee Jun Ki & Park Ha Sun here. if you're looking into thriller, action, character development and and a little tinge of father-daughter cuteness THIS IS THE DRAMA FOR YOU :).

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