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On Monday, 10 of Halifax’s female bartenders will be put to the test for the city’s first Speed Rack competition.The women have to make four separate “classic” cocktails as quick as possible without compromising the quality of the drink.For more information on the venue please visit their website The institution that was The Townhouse has been trandsformed into Chilli White, with 3 floors of pure decadence that promises to bring an exciting and unique new element to the Leeds Bar scene.We have exclusive use of their top floor Club Room for our events.“I don't believe that there's any reason to believe that there's anything untoward happening here,” said mayor Mike Savage.“But I do think on a go-forward basis we should have a look, in terms of the offers we make to a CAO, at least to consider exit provisions.” Savage says he believes Butts is an honourable man, and Clayton Developments is an honourable company.

Think you could make a mojito in less than a minute?

“I wonder if it's proper to go from a job where you were OK-ing all these developments to a development company,” said councillor Gloria Mc Cluskey.

Mc Cluskey says if nothing else, the optics aren’t good.

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Morgan Le Creux of 2 Doors Down is one of the booze-mixing women taking part in Halifax’s qualifying round, which is happening at Highwayman on Monday evening.

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