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I thought it was about time I “put pen to paper” in the hope that some or more of you may find interest in the ramblings of the King of the highway, the Prince of the boulevard, the Duke of the avant-garde. Men trying to retain control and Women trying to take control. We must become more aware of the differences between “Equality” and “The same”.

We are destroying our society and this is chiefly due to gender conflict.

That's why you should use alt tag on your all pictures, which you use in your website.

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If we have identical skills the probability of a successful relationship is greatly reduced. Stop arguing about who is in charge and get on with living.

Nature has given Men and Women different but complementary strengths and skills and the more we deny them and attempt to imitate others, the worse the situation will become. Relearn the joy of companionship, a companion to walk the road of life, or a part of it. Be proud of the opposite gender for with them as team mate, your life will be far more.

Dangerous liaisons are hardly the momentary escape from the worldly responsibilities as you might have thought- they are responsibilities in themselves.

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