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Sesso is Italian for “sex.” So it’s fitting that Club Sesso, which opened on SW First Avenue this June, is, literally, a sex club. You could have a church on this side and a synagogue on the other side—it wouldn’t matter.What was it about Portland that screamed, “Ron, we need a new sex club? Do you worry about the reaction from your neighbors? No one’s going to catch anybody naked out on the street. Will you have any involvement with the club in the future?See best hardcore orgy adult videos from all the net powered by porn search engine!

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David Schisgall's documentary The Lifestyle provides one answer: mostly cheerful, but paunchy, suburban couples who ...

One of the traits that determines happiness and mental health is flexibility: the capacity for creativity, abstract thinking, and adapting to changing circumstances.

When it comes to the sex lives of swingers, there’s no question that they are more flexible in their approach to sex than their monogamous peers.

The best way of relaxing in entertainment is sharing an experience with other people and friends.

Same is about sex: there is nothing more exciting than being invited to some orgy party whether you are chick hunter stud with big cock or shy nerd, nice student college girl or complete slut who loves dick in her holes, intelligent teacher or drunk milf...these things don't matter at all, because in group sex everyone's fucking and you should fuck to!

In my clinical work, I find that monogamous couples are often judgmental about a sex life that is anything other than monogamous, while swinging couples often espouse more of a live-and-let-live attitude.

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