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Judge Smith commented that Coupe had lost his reputation by his “foolish and deliberate action.” “There’s little public benefit in you being incarcerated,” he told Coupe, stressing that nothing the court could do would repair the damage he had done.

While host Erin Andrews was interviewing Nick Viall and Peta Murgatroyd, cameras caught Bolton's hand sneaking around Burgess' waist and landing in between her legs before she quickly removed it.

Aussie professional dancer Sharna quickly brushed away his hand, but the grope was spotted by plenty of viewers - so much so that Bonner was forced to clear up that he hadn't actually been groping his partner on purpose.

The 29-year-old said that his "hand placement that went south, so to speak" was "totally unintentional", telling Entertainment Tonight: "I was just stargazed by Nick and Peta’s performance and I was looking at the TV screen.

I felt her bump into me yet I wasn’t really looking at what was bumping into me."Sharna also took to Twitter to defend her partner.

While wearing an apron that said “Alfred,” people figured out that it was, indeed, “The Bolts” who was serving them.

Elizabeth Evans, prosecuting, told how Coupe was at a house where other people were staying and left the hidden camera on top of a pile of boxes in the bathroom.

But later in the evening the device was picked up by visitors to the property, who realised it was a motion activated camera and hard drive, not a real lighter, when they attempted to switch it on.

Dancing With The Stars contestant Bonner Bolton has been forced to speak out after he was caught grabbing his partner's crotch on camera.

And this wasn't during a dance – no, this was backstage.

Bolton had heard over the police dispatch radio that the two women had been stopped approximately 30 minutes earlier and had been cited for a traffic violation.

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