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have long been used to help with Genealogy research - many genealogy and family history researchers extract valuable information and clues to an ancestor's or relative's death and burial.

Clinton and Gore often did not campaign together, a deliberate decision resulting from the Lewinsky sex scandal two years prior.the county seat of Caledonia county, lies in the eastern-central part of the same, in lat. 4ยบ 58', and is bounded northeast by Lyndon, east by Kirby, southeast by Waterford, and west by Danville and Barnet. The last mentioned studied medicine when young, but devoted his time principally to the manufacture of lumber, and in 1864 with a partner, established the first straw paper factory in St. He has been an efficient member and officer of the church and Sunday-school for many years. Johnsbury, came from Putney, Vt., as early as 1796, purchased a right of 300 acres, including the village of St. Oney Hawkins, son of Hezekiah, was born on the Hawkins homestead, and lived there most of his life. After spending a summer in clearing a few acres and building a log house, he returned to Winchester.hese few lines will guide the stranger in his search as to what St. He married twice, first, Rosetta Ayer, and second, Sarah Mc Grath. Johnsbury Center, and located his home on the hill half a mile west of the village, where his great-grandson, Hiram D. He gave his attention to clearing and improving his large farm, and erecting comfortable buildings. His son Stephen married Abbie Shorey, and reared ten children, six of whom live in St. He married twice, first, Sally Stearns, who was the mother of three children who grew to mature age, and several who died in childhood. Johnsbury about 1787, and settled at the "Four Corners," on the farm where Mr. The next spring he moved his wife and infant son, Hollis, to his "pitch" with a pair of steers and a cart.This tract contained 39,000 acres, including nearly all of the present St. His son Thomas succeeded him on the homestead, spent his life on the estate until the infirmities of old age compelled him to retire from business, when he removed to the Center, where he died. Adams, a native of Massachusetts, came to this town as one of the first settlers, locating on the meadows below where the depot now stands. Lewis, second son of Captain Hawkins, married Hannah Ware, and was the father of eight children. Sally married John Mc Gaffey, and was the mother of four sons. artlett Bowker, son of Bartlett, was born in Fitzwilliam, N. Stevens, son of Joseph, married Sarah Briggs, is a retired farmer, and resides with his son Lafayette W., in Charleston, Vt. Johnsbury in 1822, received his education in the common schools and the academies of St. Early in life he taught several terms in the common schools. Johnsbury, and was mother of a son, Clinton Aldrich, a farmer. Roancy, daughter of Willard Stevens, married, first, Elmore Goss, who was the father of her two sons, Edward and Willard, and second, Rowland Brown, and is now a widow, residing in St. He had the honor of being its first representative in the state legislature, and held all the offices in the gift of his town.Johnsbury, and a portion of what is now Concord and Waterford, and was granted to thirty-nine petitioners, under the leadership of John Woods and William Swan. Hiram, son of Thomas, Jr., succeeded next to the homestead, married twice, first, Lois Stiles, who was the mother of two children, viz.: Lucina (Mrs. married Carrie Holmes, daughter of George and Mary E. He finally moved to Newport, Vt., where he died in 1813. H., in 1784, came with his sister and her husband, David Stowell, to St. Willard Stevens, son of the pioneer Oliver Stevens, was born in Barnet, in September, 1794, and when he was about two years of age his father removed to St. He was educated at the common schools of his district, and at the age of about eighteen or nineteen years, served his country one year, as a soldier in the War of 1812. In 1847 he married Susan Field, of Lyndon, and settled on the farm where he still resides. He also had an active interest in military affairs, and rose from the rank of private to that of general of militia.In honor of the Earl of Dunmore, who was afterwards appointed governor of the province, the new township was named "Dunmore." But King George and his representatives were soon crowded aside, and seven years after the grant of Dunmore, Vermont declared herself an independent sovereignty. Stark), who resides near the homestead, and Hollis, who resides in the northern part of the town. He married, first, Submit Purchase, who bore him five children, and second, Mrs. His son Charles married Rebecca Morgan, and settled in Waterford, where he died in 1843, aged seventy-two years. Johnsbury in 1805, and in 1808 bought the place off road 13 where he resided until his death, in 1865. Stevens, a native of Petersham, Mass., came to Barnet at about the close of the Revolutionary war. Johnsbury, and located on the farm where his grandson, Simeon D. Early in life he married Hannah Russell, of Lyndon, and settled as a farmer in the western part of St. He continued a citizen of this town during his life, with the exception of one year, and finally died at the residence of his son, James R. A portion of the place is a part of the Oliver Stevens homestead. Stevens are parents of six children viz.: Charles H., who is largely engaged in the manufacture and sale of lumber, and resides in St. At the early age of sixteen years he entered the Continental army and fought for our independence.

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