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While ostensibly intended as romantic gifts, their primary known use is as a crack pipe by users of crack cocaine.Whether your going on a first date, celebrating your 10-year anniversary, or proposing marriage, roses can be the perfect gift to complement any romantic occasion.Since you have gone, many a night has lost its brilliance, and they tiredly walk my dark paths, as if they grew old too, just like our memories.Those wonderful young nights - in which we used to look at turquoise nets woven by singing crickets during silky nights now they became completely tired and dark, and they aimlessly wander my dark paths.For a first date you can have a flirty ‘Hey Cutie’ written on the petals or, for a romantic time such as an anniversary, you can have ‘I love you’ written. While this will cost you a bit more than a dozen regular roses, a single gold trimmed rose can add a level of deep romance to your gift, not to mention creativity.

Roses With a Message One unique way to give roses as a gift is by putting a message directly on the petals of your roses. Gold Trimmed Single Rose Several florists (and even some jewelers) will sell roses that are trimmed in gold.That includes users misrepresenting themselves to try to acquire personal information, directing users to phishing sites, spamming people with unrelated messages, or persistently harassing users.From 2009 to 2010, dating fraud on the sites Iovation monitors declined slightly, from a rate of 1.5% to 1.4%.Iovation reached that number by employing patented technology that analyzes hardware and software, rather than mine for personal information, says Molly O'Hearn, vice president of operations.Iovation found that in 2011, 3.8% of all transactions it processed for online dating sites were fraudulent.The wild rose's petals have long since stopped dancing, because the wind no longer touches them.

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